About Ella's Restaurant

DesignBar.io Team's virtual Behind the Scenes tour of Ella's Restaurant will transport you to a modern social dining experience in the virtual rooftop restaurant decorated with white, green and blue colours to enhance its garden feel. Dine with friends or business associates from anywhere - at Ella's!

DesignBar.io provides a modern social dining experience with Ella's Restaurant, adorned with a white, green and blue colour palette to enhance the garden feel of the patio restaurant. The DesignBar.io Design Team used Schumacher's Multi-striped yarn fabric and English garden designs to complement Antonio Critterio's modern approach to furniture. Outside on the terrace, there's an entire world to behold. Influential Italian designer, Piero Lissoni, inspired the elegant green outdoor space design.

Connect with fellow members over a brunch, lunch or dinner through DesignBar.io's Livestream dining events. If members need an elegant space for a private event, they can use Ella's for private parties or special occasions. 

Click your way through the rooftop restaurant and onto the exquisite terrace with 3D architectural visualization renderings and a mood board view, all available in the Behind the Scenes Tour.

Get in the Mood

Be inspired by taking a quick peek of our the Ella Restaurant Mood Board for more inspiration, all of which is available in this Behind the Scenes Tour.

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