Bringing Happy Hour Home

Bringing Happy Hour Home -

After COVID-19 caused restaurant shutdowns around the world last year, businesses were forced to get creative in order to stay afloat. As food and beverage delivery services skyrocketed in global profits, entrepreneurs everywhere took note and quickly hopped on the bandwagon. Enter: the cocktail delivery service. 

Why Cocktail Delivery Services?

Before 2020, having cocktails delivered to your home was all but unheard of. Fast forward to present-day and nothing is off limits. Delivery has become a way of life, and not just for meals. Consumers around the world are seeking out delivery services for their groceries, clothing, office supplies, and even their evening cocktails.

That's right. One of the many ways our lives have changed over the course of the pandemic was bringing happy hour home. With at-home cocktails more popular than ever before, it’s time to pull out that dusty bar cart and get creative. Luckily, there are plenty of incredible companies waiting to help you craft the perfect at-home cocktail. 

Without further ado, here are some of the best cocktail delivery services from around the world:



The DB Edition - Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier

Unlike many cocktail delivery services that started based on a rising need for at-home happy hour options during the pandemic, Cocktail Courier was ahead of the curve. The company started in 2014 in an effort to bring the craft cocktail experience home. 

Cocktail Courier has since gained a ton of traction and delivers craft cocktail kits nationwide, allowing anyone anywhere to get the happy hour experience from their kitchen. Each kit is complete with all of the fresh ingredients you need, along with step-by-step instructions to help you create a bar-worthy cocktail. 

Company: Cocktail Courier

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Options: Delivery



The DB Edition - Shaker_Spoon

Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon, a subscription-based cocktail delivery service, is a perfect way of trying out different flavor combinations before investing in full-sized products. The company seeks to expose its customers to new flavors and show them the full range of what a spirit can do. 

Each monthly box is curated around a specific type of spirit, with every syrup, mixer, and garnish you need to create a glorious craft cocktail. Along with a subscription, Shaker & Spoon provides its customers with a website filled with how-to videos that coach them on how to craft bar-worthy beverages. 

Company: Shaker & Spoon

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Options: Delivery



The DB Edition - Funkidory


    If you’re based in the UK, Peckham’s Funkidory has a treat for you. This trendy cocktail bar opened back in 2018, then quickly adapted to pandemic life in 2020 by offering delivery and pickup services. 

    Now, anyone in the United Kingdom can enjoy Peckham’s iconic cocktails from the comfort of their own home. Whiskey aficionados and daiquiri lovers alike will have plenty to choose from with Funkidory’s expansive cocktail collection.

    Company: Funkidory

    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Options: Delivery | Pickup



    The DB Edition - Gin & Juice

    Gin and Juice

      Brought to life by the team behind Chicago’s Three Dots And A Dash, Gin and Juice is a virtual cocktail experience that allows consumers to enjoy their favorite cocktails at home. Gin and Juice offers a collection of individually bottled cocktails and group cocktail kits, complete with everything you need for the full bar experience from home. 

      This clever at-home cocktail delivery service gets it right by offering its customers more than simply the drinks they love. Gin and Juice also allows for add-ons to enhance the experience, like specialty bar tools and fun tiki mugs. Currently, the service is available only to those in the Chicago area, so if you’re a Chicago local then be sure to check it out.

      Company: Gin and Juice

      Location: Chicago, Illinois

      Options: Delivery | Pickup



      The DB Edition - Clockwork

      Clockwork at Home

        Toronto locals, this one’s for you. Clockwork, located inside The Fairmont Royal York hotel, has put together a menu of your favorite cocktails for pickup. A true delight to the senses, Clockwork at Home’s menu features everything from classics like the Long Island Iced Tea to original creations like their Meet Me At The Clock. 

        Clockwork at Home offers an upscale selection of canned or bottled cocktails, along with a few variety pack options for those of you who can’t choose just one. If you find yourself within driving distance of The Fairmont Royal York, be sure to stop by and grab a few of their craft cocktails to see what all the fuss is about. 

        Company: Clockwork Champagne and Cocktails

        Location: Toronto, Canada

        Options:  Pickup | Drink In



        The DB Edition - Dine Machine

        Machine: Engineered Dining & Drink

          Known for their carefully curated cocktails, Machine is the ideal cocktail kit service to bring that over-the-top level of service home with you. Machine, a globally-inspired dining destination in Chicago, recognized the need during the pandemic for an at-home cocktail service. 

          Cocktail kits with names like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Black Hearts Club come complete with everything you need to create the perfect cocktail at home: alcohol, mixers, aromatics, and cocktail recipe cards. Machine takes the cocktail experience a step further by also incorporating unique add-ins like luster dust and activated charcoal. Thought you’d miss out on that whimsical Machine touch from home? Think again! 

          Company: Machine: Engineered Dining & Drink

          Location: Chicago, Illinois 

          Options: Pickup



          The DB Edition - Bar Chef


            Started by a Toronto cocktail bar with the same name, BarChef seeks to make the happy hour experience easier and more convenient for consumers. BarChef’s modern approach to the cocktail experience has allowed them to cultivate a more personal relationship with their customers. 

            At BarChef, it’s not just about the drink. They also provide customers with everything they need to enhance their at-home experience. With their Toasted Old Fashioned Set comes spherical ice molds, glasses, a stir spoon, and aromatics, along with the cocktail itself. Now that’s service! BarChef delivers anywhere in Ontario and is available for pickup both in-house and at local LCBO stores.

            Company: BarChef

            Location: Toronto, Canada


            Options: Delivery | Pickup | Drink In



            The DB Edition - Lockdown Liquor

            Lockdown Liquor & Co.

              Perhaps you can tell by the name that this company was developed in the midst of the pandemic. Since its inception in April 2020, Lockdown Liquor & Co. has been featured everywhere from The Telegraph to Vanity Fair for its expertly crafted cocktails. 

              Based in London, Lockdown Liquor & Co. prides itself on using expert mixologists to curate unique and delicious blends like The Lychee Martini. With a wide variety of cocktails to choose from and nationwide delivery, this cocktail delivery service is great for when you want to try something new without doing any of the work. 

              Company: Lockdown Liquor & Co.

              Location: London, UK


              Options: Delivery



              The DB Edition - SaloonBox

              SaloonBox Curated Cocktails

                SaloonBox is a subscription-based cocktail delivery service meant for cocktail lovers who are looking to try new flavors. While buyers have the option of making a one-time purchase, the subscription option is definitely the more popular choice. 

                Each box serves two and comes equipped with top-shelf liquor, artisan syrups, and anything else you need to make the cocktail. If you’re looking for a gift for cocktail lovers or something to look forward to each month, SaloonBox is a fantastic choice. 

                Company: SaloonBox Curated Cocktails

                Location: San Francisco, California


                Options: Subscription Service



                The DB Edition - American Cocktail Club

                American Cocktail Club

                American Cocktail Club is another subscription-based cocktail service, but with a twist. Unlike many of its counterparts, American Cocktail Club allows the customer to choose from an alcohol-inclusive or alcohol-free subscription. This means that whether you have plenty of alcohol at home or are more into mocktails, there’s an option for you. 

                This beginner-friendly service allows the cocktail novice to become a mixologist in just a few simple steps by providing them with everything they need to create a sophisticated cocktail. If you’re tired of lackluster gin and tonics, it may be time to step up your game and give American Cocktail Club a whirl. 

                Company: American Cocktail Club

                Location: New York, New York


                Options: Subscription Service

                The Future of Cocktail Delivery Services

                While COVID-19 may have paved the way for the concept of bringing happy hour home, I don’t anticipate it going anywhere anytime soon. More and more often, people are looking for services that add convenience to their daily routine. 

                Rather than getting dressed up in cocktail attire and driving out to the swanky bar in town, you can enjoy the craft cocktail you’ve been craving from the comfort of your couch. As ease and convenience become important factors in the buying decision, you can bet we will continue to see cocktail delivery services doing well around the world. Cheers! 


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