Digital Networking: 3 Tips Every Designer Should Know

Digital Networking: 3 Tips Every Designer Should Know -
From developing a client's vision to managing an influx of projects and sites, the life of a designer is often a busy one. So it's no wonder that many shy away, seeing this as an unnecessary burden they have no time for when the word networking is mentioned. But as the old saying goes, it's not about what you know, but who you know.


Networking allows you to share ideas and inspirations with like-minded people and stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry.


As more and more people spend time online, we've put together three tips to help you network in the digital era.



1.  Curate Your Page


The digital space is fantastic. Now, people who want to learn more about you can have an influx of information by just clicking on your social pages.


Remember that everything you do online leaves a digital footprint, so steer clear of posting anything that can be viewed as offensive or inappropriate on your feed.


Also, keep your page up to date with the information that you'd want to share with a digital network. This could be your credentials, any projects you're working on, or your thoughts on a particular subject that inspires or interest you.



2.  Actively Participate in Social Media


We've seen a global pandemic bring more and more people online in the last year.


We've gone from working in offices to working from home and after-work drinks at a bar to virtual cocktail nights.


The power of social networking is such that worldwide users are expected to reach some 3.43 billion monthly active social media users by 2023, around a third of Earth's entire population. This means that now more than ever, actively participating on social media is crucial for networking and marketing your brand.


Now we're not telling you to bombard people with information about your products and services. But, instead, focus on engaging with your online community and building meaningful connections with like-minded industry professionals.



3.  Attend Virtual Networking Events


A quick Google search, or a flip through your favorite design magazines, will help you find the best virtual networking events going on near you.


Whether it's an online happy hour meetup or a virtual demonstration session at, networking events are the perfect way to build lasting relationships with your peers.


Being a small business owner can often feel lonely, especially if most of your work is completed at home. This will alleviate that loneliness while helping you meet people who have mutual interests and understand your' day-to-day' activities.


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