Fall 2021: What to Wear to Mix & Mingle with friends from anywhere

What to Wear:  Mix & Mingle with friends from anywhere - DesignBar.io

Ready to mix and mingle from anywhere? Stand out of the crowd effortlessly. This season, rock this beautifully printed sion dress in winter hues while mixing and mingling locally or anywhere.

Accessorize this look with soft Nappa leather lace-up sandals, a black suede clutch purse, a gorgeous 5-stone love necklace, pearl multi-drop earrings, and the Aorta ring. 

 Fall 2021 - Mix & Mingle with friends from anywhere with this gear

 Hemant and Nandita: Sion Long Sleeve Mini Dress | Tamara Mellon: Flora Shoes | Tamara Mellon: That's Clutch | Pamela Love:  Hilma Multi-Stone Necklace | Palma Pearl Multi-Drop Earrings | Aorta Ring 
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