How online communities benefit professionals in the architecture and design industry

How online communities benefit professionals in the architecture and design industry -
These last couple of years, all over the world, we’ve been asked to trade in socializing for social distancing. Public health messages have focused on us staying inside and keeping safe, but does this mean we still can’t connect and converse?


The is a first-of-its-kind, private members club in the cloud. Designed for professionals in the Architecture and Design Industry, this social community allows individuals to seek new experiences and nurture connections.


When we can no longer attend networking events, go to exhibits, or have IRL conversations, online communities are giving space to people interacting and inspiring others. Here’s why we think that’s important for Architecture and Design professionals... - Socializing with like-minded people in the cloud



Connect with like-minded individuals


Architects, interior designers, and other industry professionals are part of a rapidly growing field. With new developments challenging to track, liaising with like-minded individuals could help you to grow and progress. - Socializing with like-minded people in the Cloud

Picture this… You’re at’s Bar 8 having a meaningful Livestream conversation with someone from the other side of the world. You’ve talked about what motivates you, your background, interests, and ideas. Then, after weeks of connecting via phone or at the club, this person ends up solving a solution to a problem at work you’ve been having for months.



Meet and collaborate with amazing people


Collaboration, particularly in the digital era, is key. It helps industry professionals to build solutions and leads to increased innovation.


Socializing in a virtual setting like will help you make many good friends and result in some great working partnerships.



Unwind and enjoy


Let’s face it. These couple of years have been tough. Countries all over the world have been in lockdown or somewhat restricted to connect, and we’ve been separated from friends, family, and colleagues for over a year now. People running their business in the Architectural and Design industry have also seen project delays, site closures, and creative blocks.


Attending virtual events like mixology sessions, cooking demonstrations, live-streamed shows, and DJ sets will allow you to unwind and have some well-deserved fun.


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