The Art of Entertaining In The Digital Age

The Art of Entertaining In The Digital Age -

In the times of covid and the stay-at-home era, the art of digital entertaining has never been more important, not just for networking, but for our sanity. So if you’ve been craving connection and want to network and socialize more, there is a new way to entertain.


Let’s look at why and how to throw a dinner party in the Cloud, plus share some entertaining insights from the industry’s leaders. This is the new age of entertainment, and connection can happen from wherever you are in the world, giving us a chance to connect and find inspiration within a global community. 


Entertaining is a lost art, being kept up by only a few brave people committed to continuing the tradition of beauty, design, and meaningful social interaction and exchange. These amazing people are now spread out all over the world and often can’t connect in person because of travel restrictions and life’s many complications. When people connect through the digital sphere, it’s often in drab and dull digital spaces, without any element of design or style. What if you could meet like-minded individuals, share your love of Architecture & Design, and enjoy all the benefits of a social club that be accessed from anywhere in the world? 


Why You Should Throw A Dinner Party In The Cloud 

Entertaining in the Cloud can give small business owners and entrepreneurs in the AD world a space to connect and network with like-minded individuals. Through connection, entertainment, and a good old fashion conversational dinner party, you can create a social circle via Live streaming that allows you to link up with the best and brightest in your field. Find inspiration from around the world by getting the chance to engage with people you otherwise would’ve never been able to meet. 


How To Add A Digital Edge to Entertaining

Create a digital event space for your live party, and yes, you’ll want to curate it with all the love and care you would when designing your home IRL. Architect your network and assemble a collection of artists, interior designers, and AD professionals who make you feel inspired. By designing your event space at home, you can create connections that serve you both socially and professionally. As taste-maker and designer Indie Hicks says, “behind every successful woman should be a tribe of women who have their back.” Although this quote is directed at women, and there’s no doubt that being a woman in any industry has its challenges, this sentiment is just as important for men and their gender non-conforming counterparts. Finding success in an industry comes from having a group of people who you can bounce ideas off of, people who can check you one minute and inspired and support you the next. Meet your tribe through digital entertaining by throwing a Livestream conversational dinner party, or brunch.  


Steps To Creating An Unforgettable Digital Event 

When creating a digital dinner party or brunch, one must consider the group. What feeling do you want your guests to walk away with after the event? Help your guests connect with lively conversations from anything such as culture, art, books; you name it. A virtual dining experience allows your guests to grow their social circle while stimulating their minds. Take things up a notch by hiring a guest speaker that can educate and converse with your guests about a hot topic. 


Connection is the most important aspect of any event, and creating an entertaining space in the Cloud where your guests feel comfortable is paramount. Aerin Lauder, a beauty empire heiress as well as a home decor innovator, says that her “passion for new products comes from moments in my life or what’s happening around me”. Inspiration strikes at moments where your mind is malleable and learning something new. Therefore, creating a Livestream event where your guests can feel comfortable to laugh, share thoughts, and enjoy good company. You may just find the inspiration you need just by having some much-needed time having fun.


Customize your digital dinner party or brunch event with the help of a digital event and production expert. Then, create an unforgettable Livestream event that’s worthy of your exclusive guest list. We believe, as Aerin Lauder has said that, “Luxury is anything that feels special”, it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be luxurious, but it never hurts. Hiring incredible staff, from chefs to singers to illusionists, elevates your entertaining style and creates more than just an event, but memories that last a lifetime. 

Confidence is key! Take a page out of Alex Hitz’s book, who is quoted as saying he is “The very best host in the world.” Once you’ve designed your digital dinner party or events aesthetics, entertainment, and guest list, you need to embody the quintessential host. Create a vibe that allows your soon-to-be co-workers, collaborators, and social circle to feel welcomed. So much of being an amazing host comes from within. Being kind, insightful, and inquisitive can only aid in creating a space that is as visually pleasing as it is emotionally fulfilling.  

This is the new age of digital entertaining, where we can meet our contemporaries from all over the globe—finding diversity in our social circles and inspiration in the more unlikely of sources. wants the incredible creatives in the architecture & design industry to meet and connect through digital events. They want to be the digital space for like-minded people to engage and learn from one another without sacrificing all the benefits of a luxury and exclusive members-only club. Discover what you can do with a customizable Livestream event with the help of a digital event expert. There’s no time like the present to create memories that you’ll cherish forever. 


Words by:  Kate

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