The Art of the Digital Conversation in the Design Industry - The Art of the Digital Conversation in the Design Industry

According to survey results, 80% of professionals consider networking important to success. But, unfortunately, a lot of in-person networking is often uncomfortable, time-consuming, and unprofitable. 

Physical networking also restricts you geographically, which can be highly limiting when it comes to the architecture and design profession.


Fortunately, nowadays, there is an easier and more effective option. Are you tired of attending stale, stilted networking events? Instead, you can build your network of connections through digital conversation.


Digital conversation can connect you with other professionals in the AD and related industries across the globe. What's more, it doesn't have to be stilted, awkward, formal, or boring.


However, to engage in meaningful interactions and establish connections, you must get good at the fundamentals of digital conversation.


Ready to master the art of digital conversation? Keep reading to learn some of the top tips around social conversations in virtual settings.

Why Is Mastering the Art of Digital Conversation Important?

Before we get into some actionable tips on how to master the art of digital conversation—let's talk about why this is so important?

Being adept at digital conversation is a valuable skill for anyone in today's age. However, it's especially impactful for architects and designers. 

Digital Conversation Facilitates the Exchange of Ideas

If your career is in the architecture and design industry, then you're probably aware of the power of idea exchange. Exchanged ideas can significantly move the needle on creative and professional success. 

Online conversation is a great way to exchange ideas with other AD and related professionals on a global level. 

Digital Conversation Is One of the Easiest Ways to Build Your List of Connections

Networking in the traditional format is often, for want of a better word, not fun. Research shows that traditional networking can make participants feel downright "dirty" and self-promotional. 

Besides this, traditional networking can also be a hassle. You have to look for events, travel to the venue, and take time out of your schedule to attend. 

None of this is necessary with virtual conversations. For instance, with a platform like DesignBar.Io, you can effortlessly "mingle" and connect with peers from anywhere.

The after-hours format of a club like also makes interactions more natural, enjoyable, and entertaining than formalized, physical networking events. It facilitates the after-five soiree atmosphere minus the need to get in a taxi and travel to a destination.


What's more, you can connect from anywhere in the world. 

How to Become a Master at Digital Conversation

Digital conversation requires a different approach than regular face-to-face interactions. Technology can facilitate connection. However, communication can break down if you're not adept at the digital format. 

Here are some strategies to implement to ensure your social conversations in virtual settings go off without a hitch.


Find the Right Platform

One of the first steps to stimulating digital conversation is finding the right platform on which to connect. Just like you probably don't want to head to a sports bar if you're into jazz (and vice versa), you don't want to end up on the wrong platform or group when seeking out the digital conversation around topics you're interested in discussing. 

But where is the best place to connect with other architects and designers? Instagram can be great for discovering people who are pushing the envelope in visual fields. LinkedIn is ideal for connecting professionally. But none of these platforms facilitate real-time conversation.

If you're looking to virtually socialize with peers from all corners of the globe after hours, is the perfect place to do this. With its virtual private club venues, you can kick back and have stimulating virtual conversations with other AD professionals from anywhere.

Don't Be Afraid of Small Talk, Compliments, or Conversation Starters.

Besides finding the right platform, it's also essential to get the conversation flowing. 

Connecting with people you don't know for the first time can feel daunting. However, it's pretty easy once you know how to kick things off. 

To start, don't be afraid of small talk or conversation starters. These help to get the conversation flowing. Often, all it takes is one self-possessed participant to share what they're drinking or how their day was to get everyone chatting. 

Another great way to break the ice is by complimenting someone. You can also get things moving with friendly questions. 

Ask Questions

Speaking of asking questions, this is a powerful way to drive a meaningful digital conversation.

A lot of people hesitate to start talking about themselves unasked. Asking questions gives others the go-ahead to open up. 

Asking questions can not only get the conversation going in a social Livestream. It can also deepen the conversation and encourage individuals to share more about themselves, as well as their work and their take on design. 

Practice Active Listening

Whether you want to connect with peers virtually or physically, active listening is key if you're going to master the art of conversation.

Research reveals that while we spend 45% of communication time listening, we absorb merely a quarter of what we hear. Not only does this impact our retention, but it also negatively influences the speaker. 

If someone feels like you aren't listening, they aren't likely to share as much or engage as fully. Additionally, you're not likely to have as relevant responses or questions. 

Besides actively listening to others, you should also make a point to use non-verbal cues to signal that you are listening. These include things like nodding, head shaking, smiling, frowning, etc. These cues are especially important during a digital conversation because it's often harder to read body language during digital interaction than in person. 

Join the Digital Conversation With

Are you interested in socializing with other architecture and design professionals? Without the need to travel and attend physical, formal events? 

If you're wondering how to meet new people, one of the easiest ways is through a social Livestream and digital conversion. But, for this, you need the right platform. brings you the best of both worlds. It allows you to connect with others in the world of interior design and architecture in a social and networking environment, in a stimulating after-hours virtual environment. You can interact from anywhere and create connections with people on a global level. 

Do you want to get involved in informal digital conversations around culture, art, travel, architecture, and design in a Livestream social event or even at a dinner party? As well as meet new peers in your industry and build your black book of contacts? Apply for a membership today. 

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