The Best Entertaining Books for Digital Hosts

The Best Entertaining Books for Digital Hosts -

The digital host's job isn't dissimilar to that of an in-person host. You have to be kind, inviting, and welcoming to all your guests' while supplying them with unique entertainment and topics of conversation.


Whether you're new to digital hosting or a veteran of the game, you should constantly be accumulating new information on Architecture & Design and fresh techniques on how to throw an amazing event in the digital world. It can be challenging to find the best literature about hosting events with so many options to choose from in the market. That's why we've given you a list of the Five books every host should own when entertaining in the cloud. 


The DB Edition - An Entertaining Story by India Hicks

An Entertaining Story

by India Hicks


Author and style icon India Hicks has written several amazing books on entertaining. She's known for her light-hearted, charming, and always chic take on hosting. The book covers how she centers each event's decor and vibe around a meal. Hicks covers everything from breakfast to dinner, cocktails, and holiday decorations. Her eccentricity shines through as she shows how to repose jars for vases and even bed sheets for tablecloths, although it's clear that every sheet she owns is fabulous. She gives her readers tips, tricks, and guidance on 'how to' keep a party going and make every event absolutely unforgettable. 




Entertaining Beautifully By Aerin Lauder

Entertaining Beautifully

By Aerin Lauder


Aerin Lauder, the founder of AERIN and tastemaker, goes over 'how to' design an elegant event and create lasting memories for your friends and family. She details how she learned from her grandmother, the beauty queen Estee Lauder, that through taking your time, planning, and attention to detail, every event can make your guest feel like royalty. 




The Art of the Host: Recipes And Rules For Flawless Entertaining

The Art of the Host: Recipes And Rules For Flawless Entertaining 

by Alex Hitz


Alex Hitz, who has been called "the very best host in the world" by the Wall Street Journal, invites readers into his remarkable and affluent life. This book gives you full recipes in detail that can take your event from ordinary to extraordinary. His common-sense rules are a definite must-read, as it goes over how to behave like the perfect guest and what to avoid as a gracious host. 




The Art of Entertaining Relais & Châteaux

The Art of Entertaining Relais & Châteaux: Menus, Flowers, Table Settings, and More for Memorable Celebrations

by Relais & Châteaux North America


Relais & Châteaux North America's book on entertaining gives you a comprehensive how-to guide to throwing the most fabulous and unique seasonal parties. The advice they give is wonderful, and the photographs alone make for a beautiful coffee-table book. 




Four Seasons of Entertaining by Shayla Copas

Four Seasons of Entertaining

by Shayla Copas


Shayla Copas authored this fantastic book that gives you everything from beautiful and delicious recipes to themes for unique luncheons and chic poolside parties. You get terrific recipes from some of the most sought-after chefs in the world, leaving you inspired for your next event. 




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