Membership Options offers two types of club membership. The Club Guest option is for architects, interior designers, and industry-related professionals who want free access to the club to mix and mingle in the Lobby Lounge before joining or a Club Member option to access exceptional events at live venues and other amenities and perks.

Club Guest Pass

A Club Guest Pass to introduce you to the club in the cloud - Get FREE access to the Lobby Lounge to mix and mingle with other like-minded people.

Club Member

Club membership allows members to connect with other members from around the globe, plus access to all of the benefits that has to offer club members.

The perfect Club in the cloud. is the perfect place in ther cloud where architects, interior designers, and other industry-related professionals to socialize and connect. We are an online members' club that offers a variety of membership options to suit different needs. Digital Members' Club - Do you qualify?

Do you qualify?

Shared Vision - We want to inspire Architecture and Design professionals to make connections. You'll be part of a global network of like-minded people from around the world

Aligned Values - You are ready to start making connections, share stories, attend meetups, respect others, and building your network.

AD Professional - You are an architect, interior designer, architecture engineer, design-builder, interior stylist, home stager, interior photographer, or an industry-related professional over 27 years old.

No Soliciting - We are here to make connections, converse, socialize and have fun. No sales or solicitations.

Membership Approved - If approved, you agree to pay monthly or annual membership fees. Digital Members' Club - Our Members

The Members

The community is a diverse mix of interesting and dynamic like-minded people from around the world. Members' Club

The Rules

The mutual agreement of the club members is the reason for the Club’s existence. The Club’s Rules & Bylaws are for all members and their guests to follow.