Membership is the go-to digital social club for architects, designers, and related industry professionals to connect with others, share stories, dine and be entertained on any device. We are an invite-only members' community where you can network with like-minded people from all over the world. If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur in the Architecture or Design industry — it's time for you to start building new connections with people around the globe!

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Shared Vision - We want to inspire AD professionals to make connections around the world. You'll be part of a global network of people in the AD industry.

Aligned Values - You are ready to start making connections, share stories, attend meetups, respect others, and building your network.

AD Professional - You are an architect, interior designer, architecture engineer, design-builder, interior stylist, home stager, interior photographer, or an industry-related professional over 27 years old.

No Soliciting - We are here to make connections, converse, socialize and have fun. No sales or solicitations.

Membership Approved - If approved, you agree to pay monthly or annual membership fees.


The Members

The community is a diverse mix of interesting and dynamic people from around the world who want to connect, socialize over food or drinks while also making new connections for business purposes! - Member checking Club Rules - Member checking Club Rules

The Rules

The mutual agreement of the club members is the reason for the Club’s existence. The Club’s Rules & Bylaws are for all members and their guests to follow.

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